9/30: Difference between Mission and Vision

A company vision and its product vision are typically the same in a product-led business, especially in SaaS. This is however different in larger orgs with many product lines, where the product vision for a line or portfolio(s) feeds into but is distinct from company vision.

A company mission statement, on the other hand, is a singular expression of a company’s core purpose, both as it relates to its product and beyond. It expresses the high-level strategic goals a company wishes to achieve through its product development, sales, marketing, etc. — essentially the operations of its entire business.

On a product org level, we usually speak of a product team’s mission, that’s subject to change more frequently than the overarching company mission.

You can think of company vision, mission, and strategy as the business strategy stack. Product vision, product strategy, and team missions then are the product strategy stack, and an integral part of overall company strategy.


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