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About the Author

Hey there! 👋 I'm Mirza (they/he).

I am a product leader, mentor, community builder, and author living and working in Berlin, Germany.

In my day job, I am a Director of Product at Dixa, a B2B SaaS company from Copenhagen building software for customer service teams. My specific focus is on conversational automation, conversational AI, and messaging products. As you can imagine, currently very keen on language models, large and small.

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In my free time, I am the founder of ✨ product qties ✨, a community for LGBTQ+ folks in product. We organize panels, local meetups, community events, and offer our members resources and services from other community members, supporters, and advocates for free.

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On LinkedIn and in my newsletter, I talk and write about product leadership, product management, and the rocky road into both. My writing is based on the premise that the best way to move into product leadership (or product, for that matter) is to treat your career as a product.

And when the schedule will allow, I do my best to make time for mentorship via, focusing in particular on working with folks from underrepresented and underacknowledged groups.

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You can find out more about me, see guest appearances, and other relevant links on my personal website at 🌐

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Product leader, budding mentor, trekkie, Bosnian in Berlin. Writing about product management, leadership, and work culture. they/he 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️