30/30: The Benefits of a Daily Writing Habit

A month ago, I started answering daily prompts about product management as part of a 30-day writing challenge. Little did I expect that a daily writing habit would have benefits that extend well beyond stats and visibility.

Writing daily helps center you. Even though on some days it required a kick in the rear end to get going, I soon realized that my daily writing time was time away from the usual hustle and bustle. It’s had a psychologically beneficial effect, and makes me feel peaceful and calm.

Posting daily brings a sense of achievement and accomplishment. While I don’t deny that I enjoy getting likes as much as the next person, the greater satisfaction has been in showing to myself that I have the discipline to write daily.

The more you write, the better your writing. It’s what Julian Shapiro describes as the “creativity faucet” in one of the latest eps of Lenny Rachitsky's podcast. While it may not feel pleasant to release the initial wastewater of your thought process, it eventually brings out better content. For me, it’s resulted in writing I’m pretty proud of.

The more I wrote, the more I felt like writing. I realized I had more to say than what could fit within the character limit of a LinkedIn post. So I started writing long(er) form content on my new blog at mirza.tech

But have no doubt, writing daily on LinkedIn also extends your reach, helps you meet new professional contacts and friends, and gain followers.

Posting daily over the past 30 days has helped me gain nearly 1,000 new followers, two-thirds of whom are product managers.

The posts had nearly a quarter million impressions, and my engagement stats got a +618% bump over 28 days. The last 7 days of the 28-day period accounted for a third of the overall growth.

And I’ve had many 1:1 conversations as people reached out in comment on content that was relevant to them.

My advice to anyone reading is to — write. It doesn't matter if you're posting it online or gaining followers. Do it for yourself!

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