17/30: Product Leaders to Follow

Online thought leadership by product leaders has taught me things that daily product practice or product books couldn’t. They come from all the disciplines involved with developing product, and I've been inspired by so many on LinkedIn and/or Twitter.

Here are some who I read daily.

Clement Kao, who shares his deep knowledge and insight through posts of his own and via Product Teacher. Follow him to upskill in all areas of product work, but especially to learn how to work better with people.

Andrea Saez, whose insight and product marketing perspective will help you better understand how to look at your work holistically, and understand how it fits into the big picture.

Stephanie Leue, whose daily nuggets of wisdom borne out of years of dedicated work and experience have helped me understand what it really takes to be a people manager and leader.

Phyllis Njoroge, whose candor about the daily grind helps overcome imposter syndrome and teaches you the value of openness and vulnerability in any context, but especially tech.

Saielle DaSilva, a design leader whose mentorship has helped steer my occasionally rudderless ship through the worst storm. She will teach you how to navigate executive complexity and take it all with humor.

Saeed Khan, whose direct style and incisive questions will help you break down any fantasies you have about product. He will teach you how to ask the right questions and stay on track.

Zeeshan Syed, whose writing explains technical concepts to product managers and other folks working in product. It’s important to be able to hold your own in a technical conversation, and Zeeshan should be your first address to get there.

Emily Patterson, whose no-nonsense style coupled with genuine joy at the work of product will help you move past the vitriol and focus on what’s truly important to get the job done and have a good time doing it.

There are many others — I could write 5 posts with lists of people. And who knows, maybe I will.

Being challenged to write daily has reminded me of how influential these people were for me.

Writing about my experience has helped me process the daily grind, but also think bigger thoughts about product, work, and my own future in both. It’s awkward & vulnerable to put yourself out there, but worth the initial difficulty.

So I also have to congratulate Jan Schiffer, who has been writing daily as part of the same PM Writing Challenge. His commentary is incisive, and his approach is rooted in understanding and kindness. I warmly recommend his daily writing to anyone looking to upskill as a product person.


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